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PKTools is a set of helper libraries for your project.

Installs by NUGET

Solution components:


  • ObjectExtender - loots of helpful extension methods for objects
  • Log - simple Log based on .NET Trace, logs to VS output and file (with rolling)
  • FastSerializer - very efficient binary serializer
  • Stoper - logs execution time
  • Compress - helper class for .NET GZipStream

FastSerializer performance, sample object record-set with 100k records:

Serializer Serialization [ms] De-serialization [ms] Output size [KB]


593 749 6728

.NET BinaryFormatter

1901 10354 13566
  • serialization is 3.2 times faster
  • de-serialization 13.8 times faster
  • output is 2.0 times smaller


  • Database access layer (I call it simple alternative for Entity Framework)
  • Provider for MS-SQL + easy implementation of any other provider
  • Basic operations on generated entities
    • Load by Primary Key
    • Load single record or list of records
    • Update single record (with changes detection) - handling identity and concurrency violation (based on record stamp)
    • Delete single record
    • Insert new record
  • Loading directly into generic list and dictionary
  • Loading to "dynamic" variables
  • Simple transaction blocks


  • Generates database table entities into .CS file
  • Auto-generation in Visual Studio using build-in T4 text generator

PKTools.SVA (under development)

  • Screen-View-Action is a helper framework for fast development of Web application

PKTools.SMTP (under development)

  • Helper class for sending e-mail via SMTP

PKTools.FTP (under development)

  • Helper class for FTP operations




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